Hello and welcome to the PopCap Blog!

Hi! Jeff Green here. As I’m sure you know, there’s been lots of rumor and speculation for weeks, and it’s been hard for me, as a Professional Blabbermouth, not to say anything. So it is with great relief that I can finally confirm here what has already been confirmed elsewhere: Yes, there is a new PopCap blog. And it only cost EA $750 million to make it happen! LOL!

Exclusive first screenshot: Madden Zombie Football 2012: The Tackling Dead

We’ve actually been working on this blog for a ridiculously long time. Why it’s taken so long to actually appear here is a mystery for the ages, though I partially blame both Society and the excellent selection of streaming movies on Netflix, which can prove to be quite a distraction if you spend a lot of your time, as I do, “working” at home.

Anyway, we’re here now, and you’re stuck with us. I have personally assembled a highly trained staff of excellent writers, only some of whom arrived in this country under false pretenses and now reside in PopCap’s unmarked, locked basement, to provide you with daily (yes, daily!) content, guaranteed to entertain and amaze you. Or at least make you go “huh.”

Now, I know what some of you may be thinking. “A blog? Welcome to 2003, Jeff!” To you I say: welcome to your mom. We here at PopCap don’t believe you have to be all fancy and trendy to get your point across. Just be glad we didn’t go with our original idea, which was to send you all daily mimeographs.

So, what can you expect from this daily PopCap blog? Good question. A few laughs. Some chortles. Maybe the occasional guffaw. We’re going to go behind the scenes with our games, let you see how the process works, talk to our amazing creative teams, post pictures of microwaved burritos, spill secrets guaranteed to score me angry internal emails, and much more. We’re going to feature posts by folks all around not just our home base here in Seattle, but also our international offices in Shanghai and Dublin.  We’re going to post artwork, videos, and really bad poetry. We’re going to talk about the casual gaming scene, the Seattle gaming scene, and any other scene we can think of, up to and including scenes involving leather ball gags. We’re going to have a zombie advice column (address your questions to zombiEAdvice@popcap.com). We’re going to run blatantly pandering contests and giveaways in a shameful and desperate attempt to increase page views. We may even post funny photos of cats.

The point is: we’re going to post a lot. We have tons of fun here at PopCap, as we hope you’ve noticed from our fine collection of games now available for purchase, and we want to extend that outward to you here, all friendly like, on ye olde intertubes, on a daily basis.

So go ahead and bookmark this page, and keep coming back to let us help you waste a few minutes of time each and every day. I’d say we’d promise you a rose garden, but then, that rose garden would probably have a few zombies in it, and they’d eat your brains, and then you’d sue us, and then no one would be happy, especially not those guys who just spent all that money on us. So let’s not make promises here. Let’s just agree to keep meeting back here with extreme regularity.  All of us here at PopCap, from our offices all over the world, are glad you are here. See you tomorrow!


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