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    Tumblin’ Along

    Last time when Zombie write the Aks a Zombie thing, somebody Awesome (Zombie not remember first name but last name was literally “Awesome”) aksed what Zombie wanna do when Zombie retire. Zombie had a few idears and then in a fit of pique (Zombie have them sometimes), Zombie say to Zombie “Hey Zombie, why not pack it in?” So that am what Zombie doing. Oh, just this Zombie. All them other Zombie will be out there eating brainses and harrassing plants, but this Zombie going to hit the open road. So you mabey not hear from Blogging Zombie for a while. And you mabey not hear from them other blogger peepulz because, well, Zombie had room left in Brain Storage Unit and, well… Zombie think you know how that go. (Zombie Editor want Zombie to tell you that no writers were harmed and that they will likely be back from time to time to talk about big and important things when they come up and Zombie should not oughta say junk just to protect reputation. Pfft. Whatevs.)

    So here am Zombie tribute to all other zombies out there being fbab farb amazing. Play on, Internet friends.

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    From the PopCap Vault: Bookworm Adventures 2!

    Once again, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate a PopCap classic. This time, we’re highlighting the third installment in the beloved Bookworm series: Bookworm Adventures 2!

    (Why 2? Why not the original Bookworm Adventures, or for that matter, the original Bookworm? Good questions, the answer to which can be summed up as, because I felt like it.)

    In the original Bookworm, the player is restricted to forming words using only adjacent tiles, and those tiles must be in the exact order to form valid words. That’s a challenge and a half, and for me, it is a little too frustrating. I have spoken with PopCap players over the years who are so good at Bookworm that they’ve been playing the same round for months at a time without ever losing! There’s some kind of skill there I do not possess, and I am in awe.

    But not envious awe, because I have Bookworm Adventures! In these delightful combat-based sequels, you are free to use any letters in any order, with no regard for their place on the grid. It frees you up to play any words you can find, which is hugely satisfying. Also, the game gives you incentives to look for certain types of words along the way by increasing their worth. It even lets you choose which incentives best suit your style of wordsmithing! For example, if you are carrying Mac’s Almanac with you into battle, you get bonuses for spelling adjectives!

    I was on my way to making BRAWL when Mac's Almanac informed me BRAW was a word! I then looked it up, because if I used it without learning anything, I'd feel like a cheater. Turns out BRAW is like splendid, in the context of how someone has appointed themselves. I love new words!

    Fittingly, Bookworm Adventures also gave our buddy Lex a story line and a series of enemies to battle.

    How does Lex battle? By spelling awesome words, of course!

    In the first installment, he fought creatures of ancient myth. In volume 2, he took on the even scarier denizens of fairy tales! (You think I’m reversing the fear factor there? At least mythological beasts lived in our world and were largely subject to the same physical laws! Fairy tale creatures abide by no laws of nature or man.)

    The fairy tale theme allows for all kinds of fun! This game is full of detail that really adds to the replayability. It’s easy to get in the zone and just keep spelling words and defeating foes, but along the way, you notice there’s all sorts of text under the monsters. And once you start reading it, you know you have to go back and play from the beginning again sometime, just to read it all!

    Check out the nursery rhyme under the cow, and you'll see what I mean.

    The fairy tales and nursery rhymes theme does have its downside…you’re battling some pretty adorable creatures at times, and it can be a little bit upsetting to see them beaten. The sheep turns into a plate of mutton, for instance, and there’s that weird part of you that isn’t even a vegetarian but still thinks, Oh no!

    And then you reach the Old MacDonald Boss Battle, and seeing him with his cleaver makes you think it was a bit of mercy to merely spell the sheep into submission. This game has some harsh themes!

    Bookworm Adventures 2 also adds a super-smart new tile: the Rainbow tile. What makes it so smart? It’s a wild that auto-selects the proper letter! When you use it, there’s no need to tell it what letter you need; it reads the other letters you’ve chosen around it and determines what word you’re trying to form! It’s like magic, and it turns into a little meta-game within the game.

    If you’ve got a PC and a love of words (or a desire to learn more words, because word games are a great tool for that!), you can find Bookworm Adventures 2 on Origin. Or go back to the start of the story with Bookworm Adventures!

    Not cowed by the adjacent tile restriction? You’re braver than I! Check out Bookworm on PC, Mac, Nintendo DS, or iOS.

    And don’t forget the word-walloping joy of Bookworm Heroes on iOS!

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    I’ve Got a Fever, & the Only Cure Is…More Fever!

    Can’t get enough of that sweet, sweet Fever? I know just how you feel! Every time I launch Peggle 2, that opening music brings on a wave of giddy that only grows as I play on. I have wished for a way to keep listening between games, to make this my inspirational accompaniment for working out, my joyous background symphony for cooking dinner, my peppy rhythm for just walking down the street on a sunny day.

    My wish has now come true with the release of the award-winning Peggle 2 soundtrack. Download it today via Amazon or iTunes, and never be without Fever again!

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    Ask a Zombie: “Your Absence Ringing in My Ears” Edition

    Dear Mr. Zombie,

    Hello, I’ve found myself in a totally weird situation: I’ve fallen in love with a girl I’ve known for exactly a year, today’s our friend-iversary. I’ve asked her to a prom, and she said yes. There’s one problem; I’m homeschooled, as awkward as can be. I have no idea how to function socially, nor how to dance. Given your position in the undead, I figured you might have the wisdom I need. I’ve never loved anyone than myself before, so I’m as terrified as can be!

    Thank you,

    Dear Tony Toni Tone,

    Let Zombie make some wild assumptions. If you home-schooled then prom is… what? A couple cans of Shasta, a bowl of goldfish crackers and the two of you taking turns picking out 45s to play? How you have a prom when entire student body of school is you? And if it literally YOUR prom why there gots to be dancing at all? Mabey you could be all, “Oh, at my school prom is four hours of playing Mario Kart.” You could make theme of prom “Trampolines” or “Squirt Gun Fight” or “Reading This Really Old Set of Encyclopedias.” Why all proms gotta be the same with girls wearing dresses they don’t know they will roll their eyes at 10 years from now and guys wearing suits what make them look like cater-waiters and then dropping a bunch of money on a thing at which 30% of all attendees will end up in tears (FACT!).

    What Zombie is trying to say and failing at is that this girl like you so just relax and hang out. But don’t run off to the chapel just yet. Zombie know you not meet a lot of girls in home school but unless you going to also go to home college, you gots a whole lot of other girls to be awkward around in your future.

    Oh, Zombie know, invite another girl to Home School Basement Prom and then spend the whole night running back and forth between the two of them while trying to keep them from figuring out you brought two dates. Hilarity will ensue. Guaranteed. Has television taught us nothing? Zombie not think so.





    Dear Zombie,

    A workmate recently told me to tuck my shirt in. I said “no way.” Does that make me a sloppy dresser? When is the best time to tuck your shirt in? Do you think he is uptight?


    Too Cool to Tuck

    Dear TCTT,

    Best time to tuck in shirt is when you wearing a shirt. Especially if you have awesome rodeo belt buckle. Why you want to hide that?

    Why you not want to tuck in shirt? You hiding something in there? You think leaving it out will mask your lack of commitment to ab work? Is it really long and you cinching it with a belt and wearing it like a dress? Is it a Hawaiian shirt? (Entre nous, if you under 60 and not at a Jimmy Buffet concert, please do not wear a Hawaiian shirt.) Am you a five-year-old boy at your uncle’s wedding reception and you are one more Jordan almond away from total collapse? Are you not wearing pants? Then tuck in your dumb shirt.

    Do it make you a sloppy dresser? Yep. Is workdude uptight? Yep. Sometimes things are both things.



    Dear Zombie-

    A friend and I are having an argument and know that as a historical figure you will have the definitive answer. In the 1800s, who was a better singer, Adelina Patti or Maria Malibran. I say the latter, thinking that she isn’t taken seriously enough due to her early demise. But what do you think?

    Librettotically yours-

    Opera Buff

    Dear BuffO,

    Zombie not want to start a whole thing about who “better” when everybody – EVERYBODY! – know that Malibran died before Patti was even born thus they was not contemporaries so it fruitless – FRUITLESS! – to compare them. Anyway, for Zombie money (eight bucks, American) best 19th century opera singer was Giuditta Pasta. Also her name is a food and Zombie kind of love that.



    Dear Zombie

    I’m all alone in the house just playing Plants vs. Zombies 2.

    I have no friends. Please help me


    Dear Luka,

    Sit tight. Maybe eat a bunch of pizza rolls then take a nap. Leave door unlocked. Zombie be right over.



    Dear Zombie

    What is Zombie going to do when he retires?

    I.M. Awesome

    Dear Awesome,

    Man, it going to be the best. Zombie been squirreling away brains for years (also squirrels) so not gots to spend rest of unnaturally long life looking for them. When shoes wear out, Zombie out. And that day cannot come soon enough. Zombie been hard at work perfecting one-man band set up. It basically just a vuvuzela with a wind chime hanging off it. Zombie going to tour Europe with it and make a few Drachmas. Do they still have those? Zombie not up on current events. Oh, mabey Zombie also catch up on current events. By which Zombie mean finally get around to watching all them seasons of the Bachelor while sitting on couch and eating spray cheese right out of the can. Mabey play some Chuzzle. Also, Zombie could use a pedicure. The world going to be the oyster belonging to Zombie. Zombie gonna eat the peach, or whatevs. Is it a oyster or a peach? Do it matter? Stop trying to confuse Zombie.


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    Peggle 2 Update: Everyone Knows It’s Windy!

    When you fire up your Xbox One today and launch Peggle 2, you may notice something has changed. During the night, we released our newest DLC, and it’s truly something special!

    Meet the newest Master at the Peggle Institute, Windy!

    Her Fairy Flock power turns four random blue pegs purple, allowing for some stratospheric scores and crazy potential for earning Free Balls! You’ll need those Free Balls, too, because she’s got some intense levels for you. But once you start playing in Windy’s world, you’ll never want to leave Hallelujah Hollow!

    Windy is available in the Peggle 2 store (that thing that’s been grayed out forever on the main menu screen–it’s a real button now!) for a paltry $1.99, and she adds 10 new levels, 10 new trials, some adorable costumes, and her Master-specific objectives and achievements.

    But wait, there’s more! (If you looked closely at the image above, you may have already spotted another major change to the game.)

    When Peggle 2 first launched, there were two big questions from longtime Pegglers. We addressed the first last month with the release of Duel mode, and we’re proud to say that today’s update brings the long-awaited addition of Colorblind mode! Best of all, just like Duel mode, Colorblind mode is a free update to the game–you don’t need to purchase Windy to unlock it.

    Simply open the Options menu and check the box to enable Colorblind mode!

    So what are you waiting for? Hit Hallelujah Hollow and hang with Windy!

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    Rejected Game Ideas VIII: Gamin’ and Enterin’

    They. Said. It. Couldn’t. Be. Done. Rejected Game Ideas VIII! If you’ve missed the other seven, then go read all the Rejected Games posts. Those seven are like the seven pillars of glittering wisdom. And this is like, well, the eighth pillar. It glitters like that really cool glittery nail polish. You know the one. Like that – if it was on the nails of a sphinx. Dang! Remember, these were never even considered as real games (they should have been, but were not – yet. Or never. Or, backwards?) and please don’t think they were or someone will remove me from this chair. And I like this chair. So, these are for fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Four times the fun, then that times 2, because this is the eight version. But don’t listen to me, listen to the ninth wonder of the world, Curtis, who once said, “Please don’t steal. Or, if you do, steal well.” Now, on to the finest rejected game ideas ever, eighth style.

    The Deadly Kernels of Corn-Fu
    The game based on the famous movie based on the famous poem, here you are the hero fighting off the relentless Cob Cartel to save the Chowadah House of Abandoned Cyrnels. It’s a-maize-ing.

    Ragnarok the Block
    It’s a dance off of fated men in which the wildest moves win the chance to flood the world. Pick your dance persona from famous rump shakers Odin, Thor, Týr, Freyr, Heimdallr, or Loki and blacken the sun’s beams. Galactic smooth!

    Helper Robots vs. Helper Monkeys
    The hack-and-slash hit from Hackensack: pick your helper, pick your weapon, pick your footware – just don’t stop to pick your nose, because this game’s as quick as it is helpful.

    The 5 Stages of Big Red
    Delicous. Elated. Confusion. Headache. Despair.*

    What For Glenn
    An international game of espionage and high-stakes homeland-security hilarity. Follow legendary superspy comedian Glenn Mitsui from country to country trying to pick up his trail and knock him off in mano-a- mano comedic battles. It’s lugers and laughter!

    Don’t Give Up the Sheep
    Oh no, young shepherd, you’ve lost your flock. Make it through the many mazes –watch out, dragon attack! – to save those fluffy friends before they’re fricasseed. Be warned: the hills step off into whiteness!

    Nazi Fighting Squids
    The name says it all. Best game never made.

    Oh Oh Oh!
    There are massively massive on-line shooter games. Then there is Oh Oh Oh! Will you be a butterfly, fairy, or wood sprite? And will you carry bazooka, anti-aircraft gun, or surface-to-air missile? After that, it’s just battling.

    Plato Potatoes
    It’s a chef off of philosophical proportions! The secret ingredient is unveiled and you have 60 seconds to make your menu – but it has to follow the philosophy of your chosen ancient Greek cook. To make it to the finals you’ll need to woo the taste buds of Epicurus himself.

    Corner Huddling
    The game that made Seattle famous! Start easy in the rhombic triacontahedron then work your way through the corners to Icosidodecahedron and all the way on down to the circle with one corner. Arise to wear the cape of heroic huddler.

    Bad Haircutz
    Survival horror at the highest pitch of survivalism, travel the back alleys of Scholomance without getting snipped by Seville, the tonsorial artist of terror. The end result? Coiffeured or corpse?

    Remote Worker
    Listen to garbled and noisy conference calls for clues to your next task! Attempt to fulfill assignments before they become irrelevant!**

    Grocery Cart 500

    Who does the jam got? Who does the jam got? It’s got butter and it’s hot, melting down in the big jam pot. Who does the jam got? Who does the jam got? Let’s hope it ain’t got you.

    Gum Chewer X-treme
    The first game ever to utilize the revolutionary “jaw-stick™” which takes video game controlling all the way to the mandibles. After that, it’s chewing and chomping for the title of Gummaster.

    Polka Pigs
    Where are the protestors, the slogans and signs? This will be a swift decline.

    Tuesday Welder
    It’s the hard hats versus the cool chicks for control of Main Street. Big buildings and concrete or beaches, discos, and flowers? Either way, my money’s on Ursula Andress.

    Pasty power to the rescue as plucky Pika Pierre plugs his powerbike up and down Pamplona to preserve his Pika pals from the pikes on bikes.

    Cross Functionalamo
    Management stalks middle-management. Workers run for cover. Temps cower. High-noon in the high-rise has arrived – and this time we’re re-writing history.

    Deadly raiders in neon khaki grift infra naiads. Be encouraging nitwit.

    Dictatortots VII: Usurpatatas
    The newest mashing installment of the most popular video game series in the world, given 5 Fries Up from the Maine Potato Board and winner of 5 Silver Spud Awards, pits your cheesy but slightly chewy band of gratinolutionaries against the villainous Papa a la Huancaína.


    *Manly and mighty Philip wrote this one.

    **Dashy and dishy Dana wrote this one!

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    Zombie Gardening Tipz: “Restless as a Willow In a Windstorm” Edition

    Spring is making attempts to spring, so Zombie is here to help you get your dumb yard in shape for the season while humming Rodgers & Hammerstein songs.


      • Dig up and enjoy parsnips left over from last fall. Zombie “enjoy” parsnips by feeding them to wolverines.
      • When soil is warm and dry, plant cold-tolerant crops. If soil not warm enough, use fire. Plants love fire.
      • Clean up the garden for the season ahead: Remove last year’s dead plants. Then remove last year’s live plants. Just remove all plants. Zombie cannot believe Zombie got to spell it out for you.
      • Keep planting basil. How deep can you plant it? 4 feet? 12 feet? Keep going! Let’s see stupid basil get out this time.
      • Keep adding kitchen scraps to your compost. Also, rocks and garbage.
      • If slugs and snails are wrecking your plants, high-five them. Maybe buy them a drink to say “thanks.”

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    New Plants vs. Zombies Books for All – Even You!

    Hello Plants vs. Zombies fans, fans of the written word, and fans of fun things. You may remember that in the past we’ve talked about some of the fantastic and freshly blooming Plants vs. Zombies literature (maybe highlighted by the awesome Lawnmageddon comic from Dark Horse). Recently, a plethora of popping plant and zombie reads have come out – and you should read them! Cause they are awesome. Exhibit A: Plant Your Path:

    This is an honest-to-goodness Plants vs. Zombies choose your own adventure book! I, like most good people, loved choose your own adventure tomes when I was growing up, and this is a super swell one, with over 20 endings and even more middles (and Crazy Dave!). But don’t take my word for it – go read all the glowing five star reviews. And then go get Brain Food:

    Brain Food is a 224 page hardback (making it easier to write in) activity book for kids, grownups, and everything in between. It’s got all the puzzles you love, secret messages from Peashooter, zombie tales, and Snorkel Zombie in a maze! It’s ridiculously full of great things. And speaking of great things – and activities that are fun – don’t miss the Shuffle & Stick Activity Book:

    Hunt down the hidden tacos! Decode fiendish zombie notes! Help Crazy Dave with his shopping list! Do creepy crosswords! Walk the plank (but without falling into the water)! This book is puzzle-packed – and has stickers. I can’t really imagine a better way to enjoy an afternoon.

    And, to round things up, if you’re a younger reader (or know one), the sweetest little book just for you is coming out next week! It’s called Plants vs. Zombies: Save Your Brains! It’s an I Can Read Level 2 book, meaning it’s good for kids who can read on their own, but might need a bit of help – also, it’s the perfect way to introduce youngsters to Crazy Dave and the fun-dead!

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    The New “Zomboss Down” Pack for Garden Warfare is Here

    Rowland, the man-child of Manchester, the blog-a-ma-tron from Birmingham, the scribe of Old Sodbury, Gloucestershire, is back with some swell Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare news.

    C’mon Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare pardner and visit Cactus Canyon, the rootin’, tootin’ and shootin’ new Gardens & Graveyards Map in the new Zomboss Down pack! It’s a battle of epic plant and zombie proportions

    Take your battle to the wild west with the  Zomboss Down downloadable Game Pack – available starting today, April 15, for FREE!

    The plants just blasted down the Zomboss blimp! The zombies are now roaming the desert and battling their way to a local golf course, which may just be a secret facility housing a Cactus army. It can all be found in the free Zomboss Down downloadable game pack, featuring the new Cactus Canyon Gardens & Graveyards Map, 8 new playable characters, over 200 wild customization items, an increased Level cap for each character, and all-new challenges to accomplish. Available for both Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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    April Caption Contest: Respect the Rabbit!

    The votes are in, and one entry stood tall above the rest, earning more than double the votes for any other caption! So congratulations to Richard, who dreamed up the caption that lit up the polls!

    And thanks again to Bryan Grant, who dreamed up this beautiful image for us!